Ninja Climber

Ninja Climber is a very simple 2D platformer made in Canvas.

Some cool things about this project include:

  • Time of day: the sun slowly lowers in the background. The player climbs through the daytime, the sunset, and at night.
  • Neon platforms: At night, the platforms display a hot pink neon glow.
  • Infinite climbing: When you get close to the highest platform, three new platforms are created, which either have coins or a bad guy on them. The climbing never ends.
  • Graphics: The graphics and animations are really cool. The ninja girl is by Game Art 2D,  and the monsters are by Bevouliin.
  • Progressive difficulty: The higher you climb, the tougher the enemies get. However, you can get an extra life every 100 coins or 50 kills.

If I expand this game, it will be to add more variety in the bad guys, as well as the types and shapes of platforms that appear. I’d also include spikes that follow the player up, to add a sense of urgency.


  • w = jump
  • a = left
  • s = drop while jumping
  • d = right
  • mouse = aim
  • left click = shoot

Give it a go:

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