Neon City, will be a top-down open world game, kind of like a Vice City version of the old GTA games.

This is still very much work-in-progress. So far you can walk around the test map, get in cars, and take part in a time-trial race. I also made a pseudo-3D/2.5D effect to the buildings, just like in the early GTA games. I will write a tutorial about how to do that at some point.

There is still a lot left to do, including a lot of basic work on the mechanics, such as being able to bump into other cars, and having other cars and civilians in the city to bring it to life. I also need to build interactivity into the game, such as simple interactions with NPCs (in the vein of Pokemon, just set scripts that they say back to you). Then of course I need to sort out the graphics, or probably pay someone to do that for me, build a map, and create 5 primary missions, which will each be based on an iconic 80’s movie (yes, there will be a zombie survival level).

Here’s the story so far (WASD to move, F to get in and out of cars):

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